Precision-Guided Dosing

Control the trajectory of therapeutic drug levels with
precision-guided care

PredictrPKTM  IFX offers individualized, actionable insights on dose and interval. This first-of-its-kind test shifts the paradigm in IBD therapy optimization and aids you in controlling the trajectory of therapeutic drug levels and achieving treatment targets.

Available exclusively from Prometheus Laboratories, PredictrPK IFX uses a Bayesian data assimilation, machine learning algorithm to combine patient weight, current dose and interval, measured serum IFX, measured antibodies-to-IFX (ATI) and albumin levels to predict optimal, individualized IFX dosing. It arms you with the evidence to validate your treatment plans and investigate alternative doses and intervals.

*PredictrPK IFX is validated for use in steady-state maintenance IBD patients who have had been treated with IFX for at least 14 continuous weeks (e.g. no drug holiday, missed infusion, etc.). Serum samples can be collected ≥ 20 days after their last IFX infusion up to and including the next IFX trough.

Precision-guided dosing empowers you
to get the most out of infliximab therapy

The unpredictable pharmacokinetic variability of biologic therapies for IBD make it extremely difficult to achieve therapeutic targets quickly and precisely1.

  • Up to 40% of patients who start infliximab therapy lose response within the first year2
  • Over 50% will require a dose optimization during their treatment3
  • Current tests provide a single point-in-time snapshot, but don’t provide insights on dosage or interval to achieve targets

Empiric dosing can lead to:

– Suboptimal therapeutic levels
– Potential loss of response
– Inefficient care
– Negative impact on quality of life

Precision-guided, evidence-based dosing supports:

– Reduced healthcare consumption
– Durability of response
– Efficient care
– Improved quality of life and satisfaction with treatment4-8.

Maximize the value of infliximab therapy with precision-guided dosing

PredictrPK IFX improves your ability to control inflammatory bowel disease and limit disease progression, complications and costly interventions by enabling your patients to get the most out of infliximab therapy

  • Offer patients confidence with clear, precision-guided results that support their treatment path
  • Optimizing IFX levels may help avoid high cost of flares in terms of both time and money
  • Fewer ER visits, hospitalizations and surgeries
  • Expedite efficient care, enable patients to focus on life, not their disease

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