Precision-Guided Therapy Selection

Female with IBD. Is the prescribed biologic right for her?

Predict likelihood of durable anti-TNF response prior to initiating therapy

Up to 30% of patients who start an anti-TNF do not respond1
and up to 50% lose response in the first year2

Lack of individualized therapeutic selection tools:

•Reduced therapeutic
• Potential loss of response
• Inefficient care
• Negative impact on quality of life


Guide therapeutic selection with a serogenomic test

Respondr®, available exclusively from Prometheus Laboratories, predicts an individual patient’s likelihood of anti-TNF response prior to treatment initiation to support therapy selection and patient management decisions and to help get patients in remission faster


Intrinsic clearance and genetics are prognostic factors that impact biologic response

  • Intrinsic clearance is a pharmacokinetic variable prior to drug exposure that predicts metabolism/elimination of a biologic.
  • The HLADQA1*05 G allele is associated with increased risk of antidrug antibody formation, loss of response, and anti-TNF discontinuation3,4
  • The combination of intrinsic clearance (>0.326 L/day) and genetics identify patients at an increased risk of poor anti-TNF response, immunogenicity, and inadequate disease control5

Respondr TNF is a laboratory-developed test that was developed, and analytically and clinically validated by Prometheus Laboratories Inc. under federal Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) guidelines, and is performed exclusively in our high complexity CLIA-certified and College of American Pathologists-accredited clinical laboratory. As laboratory a developed test, it has not been cleared or approved by the US FDA. This test is not yet available for patients in NY-State. This test may be covered by one or more US pending or issued patents – see This material is provided for general information purposes only as an educational service for healthcare physicians and their patients. It is not intended as a substitute for medical advice and/or consultation with a physician.